What was NottingJam?

From 2nd-5th June 2006, I hosted a jam session in Nottingham UK for my musician friends from ampfea.org. A small group of international musicians came together and had an incredible long weekend - making copious amounts of music, sharing a laugh, and generally just getting to know each other better.

Finally, after much faffing and months of not getting around to it, I present for you: EVERYTHING we recorded that weekend - complete with a timelapse film of the whole thing that was shot on a webcam, alongside us broadcasting the music live over the Internet.

It's all here, both as variable bitrate MP3 (average 160kbps, for those just wanting to have a listen) and lossless FLAC files (for those wanting to cut-up and rearrange any of the source material in the highest quality possible).

I'll keep an eye on the bandwidth use, but for now I think we'll be OK as I have plenty available.

Download away, and enjoy!

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Creative Commons License

Ampfea NottingJam 2006 by Ampfea,org Music Barians is licensed under a Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

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Download the film - (slightly) higher quality:
DivX5, 192kbps MP3, 205MB

Track Duration MP3 IconMP3 FLAC IconFLAC
Ampfea NottingJam 01 0:10:36 14MB 47MB
Ampfea NottingJam 02 1:02:48 76MB 391MB
Ampfea NottingJam 03 3:01:16 192MB 1.1GB
Ampfea NottingJam 04 1:29:59 113MB 526MB
Ampfea NottingJam 05 1:29:58 96MB 512MB
Ampfea NottingJam 06 0:21:11 21MB 128MB
Ampfea NottingJam 07 1:02:42 64MB 405MB
Ampfea NottingJam 08 0:31:40 35MB 193MB
Ampfea NottingJam 09 0:08:35 9.5MB 51MB
Ampfea NottingJam 10 0:41:22 47MB 254MB
Ampfea NottingJam 11 1:34:29 103MB 648MB
Ampfea NottingJam 12 1:01:31 64MB 328MB
Ampfea NottingJam 13 0:35:07 37MB 231MB
Ampfea NottingJam 14 0:17:03 18MB 112MB
Ampfea NottingJam 15 0:32:32 36MB 211MB
Ampfea NottingJam 16 1:24:42 90MB 598MB
Ampfea NottingJam 17 0:25:27 28MB 162MB
Ampfea NottingJam 18 0:01:15 1.4MB 7.8MB
Ampfea NottingJam SFV files - 1KB 1KB
Ampfea NottingJam album cover - 32KB 32KB
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